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Volunteers are crucial to the work of ShelterBox – without them we would not be able to function. Furthermore, the high level of support we receive from our volunteers enables us to keep our operating costs low and means a very high percentage of income goes directly on the aid itself.
Below are some of the ways in which volunteers support ShelterBox.   

ShelterBox Speakers
We have volunteer speakers throughout New Zealand. These individuals deliver presentations about our work to a variety of groups eg schools, businesses, scouts etc. Speakers often use a demonstration ShelterBox so that they can present the kit to their audience.  Read more

Admin Volunteer Support
Admin volunteers carry out a variety of duties including mail-outs, typing documents, replenishing resources (laminating, photocopying etc.) and filing. This is a massive support to our team. You would need to be local to one of our regional offices and have some availability during office hours – Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.
We are currently assessing the need for further support and ask that you contact us to register your willingness to help. 

ShelterBox Response Team (SRTs)
During crises we receive hundreds of requests from people wanting to travel with us to disaster areas and help deliver ShelterBoxes. Delivering emergency aid can be complex and requires significant skill and knowledge - everything from clearing customs to media liaison. For these reasons, we cannot send untrained volunteers into disaster areas. Only our ShelterBox Response Team members (SRTs) can be deployed - they have completed our extensive training and selection programme, and are familiar with our operational procedures.