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Why fundraise for ShelterBox?
Every year millions of people are displaced or made homeless by disasters. ShelterBox instantly responds to natural and manmade disaster by providing boxes of aid. Each ShelterBox provides and extended family with emergency shelter and vital equipment when they need it most. 
By organising or taking part in an event that raises funds for ShelterBox you will be making a difference to people affected by disasters all over the world; providing them with shelter, warmth and dignity.
How your fundraising could help…
$100 warmth and protection
Nights can get cold and in certain parts of the world staying warm means survival. Thermal blankets and groundsheets help people stay warm once they have lost their homes
$500 shelter for a family 
Having a space to call your home is invaluable. Our disaster relief tent is custom made and is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, high winds and heavy rainfall

$1500 a new start
A complete ShelterBox will provide a family with the shelter and other vital equipment they need to survive after a disaster and start rebuilding their lives 
How to get started?

Fundraising for ShelterBox should be both fun and easy! Check out our A to Z fundraising booklet which is full of great ideas to get you thinking.
Download our Fundraising Booklet here

We have an experienced fundraising team on hand. We’re here to help you decide what sort of event is right for you, as well as offer you any advice, support or materials you need to make sure your fundraiser is a success.
We have a range of materials available, from info cards to donation fliers and t-shirts to collecting boxes. Let us know what you need and we’ll be happy to send you a pack in the post.

Please email us at: info@shelterbox.org.nz.
After your fundraiser…

Once you have completed your fundraiser and are ready to pay in your money you can:
 • Send us a cheque made payable to ‘ShelterBox New Zealand Charitable Trust’ and forward it to;  ShelterBox New Zealand, PO Box 5410, Moray Place, Dunedin 9058.

• Make a donation at any Westpac Bank by using;  Account No: 03 1749 0416598 00

DONATION HOTLINE: www.shelterbox.org.nz/donate.php

And don’t forget to tell us about it! We love to hear all about what our fundraisers have been up to. Send your fundraising story (and pics) to fundraising@shelterbox.org.nz.
Contact us for more details on how you can be involved!


Be inspired and help provide shelter, warmth and dignity to people around the globe!