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Monday 22 June

Final distributions of aid are taking place in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Read more about the new equipment that we have trialled during the response that is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, such as the country's harsh winters.

Sunday 7 May

Our ShelterBox response team has now returned to the UK. See the gallery of images from their response in the DPRK, where they oversaw the distribution of aid and met people who had already moved into their ShelterBox tents.

Monday 27 April

A ShelterBox response team, made up of Alice Jefferson and Sam Hewett (both from the UK) have travelled to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea to oversee distributions of aid. 

Thursday 19 April 

400 Flex 3 tents, stoves, winterisation kits and boxes with household supplies have been transported to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea to help families whose homes have been destroyed or damaged by a succession of severe storms and a harsh winter.

The Flex 3 tent is a quilted, three layer tent designed so that a stove can be safely places and used inside. The winterisation kits include partition walls that help keep heat in, along with insulated sleeping mats that can be stuffed with materials such as straw to create warm mattresses. The boxes, which are a smaller version of ShelterBox’s iconic green boxes contain a selection of items to help people return to everyday routines, such as cooking sets and water containers, as well as thermal lined blankets for extra warmth.