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Thursday 18 June

The distribution of shelter kits has started in the Atacama region of Chile, where people's homes were damaged and destroyed by flooding.

600 kits have already been given out, with another 600 to be distributed in this area.

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Monday 25 May

The team has been assessing the need for shelter in the south of the country, where people have had to leave their homes due to the activitiy from the Clabuco volcano. They will soon be travelling to the Atacama region of Chile to carry out assessments of areas that have been flooded.

Monday 18 May

A ShelterBox response team is currently en route to Chile, as the country is facing two separate natural disasters, leaving communities without homes and shelter from some of the most unpredictable displays of nature Chile has ever seen.
In the Atacama region of Chile, this usually arid area has suffered from intense rainfall, leading to rivers bursting their banks, flash flooding and landslides. The floods not only damaged infrastructure, but left more than 8,000 families with either damaged or totally destroyed homes.
More than a thousand miles away, in the state of Los Lagos, activity from the Calbuco volcano has resulted in the evacuation of 6,600 homes. The volcano erupted for the first time in 42 years on 22 April, dispersing a 10 mile high plume of ash into the air, along with other pyroclastic materials.  

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