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Wednesday 17 June

ShelterBox has been working with a local Rotary Club in Nepal to provide school equipment to orphanages in the Kathmandu Valley.

The materials contain supplies for teachers, such as blackboard paint, chalk and solar radios, along with activity packs for children that contain materials, such as notebooks and coloured pencils, to not only help children to continue their studies, but to play and express themselves too.

Read more about our distribution of aid to orphanages in Nepal.

Monday 1 June

As well as providing shelter to people who have lost their homes following the Nepal earthquakes, ShelterBox has also provided aid to create safe spaces where children can play and recover from the trauma of the disaster.

Learn how using a ShelterBox tent for an art therapy centre is helping children in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Friday 22 May

ShelterBox has joined forces with the Royal Gurkha Rifles to help deliver our aid to some of the most remote communities affected by the earthquakes in Nepal.

Read more about the collaboration with the Gurkhas.

Tuesday 19 May

ShelterBox has now been able to provide shelter for more than 15,000 people whose lives were turned upside down following the recent Nepal earthquakes.
Despite the second major earthquake to hit the country last week, which measured 7.3 in magnitude, our ShelterBox response teams have been working tirelessly to reach families whose homes have been destroyed or badly damaged.

Read more about some of the people ShelterBox has helped.

Tuesday 12 May

A second major earthquake has caused yet more destruction in Nepal. The 7.4 magnitude earthquake hit the town of Namche Bazar, near Mount Everest. Just like the first disaster two weeks ago, this quake could be felt as far away as Delhi and has been followed by several powerful aftershocks.

Our team in the remote region of 
Sindhupalchok caught the earthquake in this video, which contains images some viewers may find disturbing:

Sunday 10 May

Liam Norris and Liz Odell (both from the UK) have been helping distribute tents and shelter kits to around 1,000 families in the remote district of Sindhupalchok: 

Wednesday 6 May

ShelterBox’s logistics team, along with help from our response teams in Nepal, have worked around the clock to transport aid into Nepal. Despite major logistical challenges and a bottleneck at Nepal’s only international airport in Kathmandu, an initial 500 tents, along with 500 shelter kits have now arrived in the country to bring shelter to the thousands of communities torn apart by the massive earthquake.

Read more about our choice of aid in Nepal.

Monday 4 May

ShelterBox response team member Becky Maynard (UK) joined a group made up several different aid agencies to deliver aid, including tarpaulins for shelter, to remote communities via helicoptor.

Read more about our collaboration with other agencies to reach isolated communities in desperate need of shelter.

Saturday 2 May

ShelterBox volunteers Becky Maynard and Nicola Hinds (both from the UK) have been travelling with a search and rescue team from Turkey, driving over treacherous rock-strewn mountain roads, to deliver food and clean water to the remote villages north west of Kathmandu. They were also assessing how best to meet the shelter needs of communities where almost every building now lies in ruins.

Nicola describes the difficulty of reaching remote, rural areas in this video:


ShelterBox has provided tents to four hospitals in the city creating safe, covered spaces where patients can be treated in privacy. They will be used for carrying out minor operations, changing dressings and as mobile health clinics too.

Read more about how our prepositioned stock of aid in Nepal meant that we could quickly start making a difference after the earthquake.

Tuesday 28 April

After a night full of aftershocks, our first ShelterBox response team has started to meet with other aid agencies and start to assess the current situation in order to give a coordinated response.

Read about how local Rotary groups have been supporting our response so far.

Monday 27 April

The first ShelterBox response team, made up of Phil Duloy (UK) and Nicola Hinds (UK) have arrived in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

See some of the first images of the level of devastation in Kathmandu:

Saturday 25 April

A ShelterBox response team is preparing to travel to Nepal to see how ShelterBox can be of assistance following an earthquake measuring 7.8 in magnitude.

The quake occurred between the major cities of Kathmandu and Pokhara , with tremors felt as far away as Delhi in India. More than 500 people are reported to have died following the earthquake, while there is extensive damage to homes and buildings.

Read more about ShelterBox's response to the Nepal earthquake.