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Thursday 28 May

224 ShelterBoxes have been trasported from prepositioned stocks in Brindisi, Italy and have now arrived in Minawao in the Extreme North region of Cameroon. They will soon be distributed to families who have fled their homes due to conflict.

Friday 10 April

A ShelterBox response team, comprising Todd Finklestone (US) and Ryan Schaafsma (US), has delivered training sessions to staff at IEDA Relief in Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon.

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Friday 6 February

ShelterBox is working with aid agency International Emergency and Development Aid (IEDA Relief) to provide aid for people at a refugee camp in Minawao, in the Extreme North of Cameroon, who have fled from conflict in neighbouring Nigeria.

224 ShelterBoxes are being transported by sea from pre-positioned stock in Brindisi, Italy.