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Tuesday 21 April 

A ShelterBox response team, made up of Jimmy Griffiths (NZ) and Paul Crudgington (UK), is helping to distribute 1,000 shelter kits, which are being shared between communities so that they have access to tools to rebuild not only their homes, but structures like schools as well.

They have been distributing aid to families in the area of Middle Bush, Tanna and are now moving on to help people in the area of White Sands.

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Friday 27 March

A container of aid, including tents, tarpaulins and blankets, has left ShelterBox’s warehouse in Helston, Cornwall this afternoon and will be transported to Vanuatu to help communities in the country recover from the terrible damage caused by Cyclone Pam.

This aid, along with 1,000 shelter kits that are already in transit, are destined for the southerly island of Tanna, where ShelterBox response volunteers Ross MacKenzie (NZ) and Peter Pearce (AUS) have been carrying out assessments on the level of damage.

Monday 16 March

A ShelterBox response team is being mobilised to travel to Vanuatu after the South Pacific country was hit by Cyclone Pam on Saturday. The strength of the category five storm, with winds reaching almost 200 miles per hour, has been compared to that of Typhoon Haiyan, which devastated large parts of the Philippines in 2013.

While there is a communications blackout in most of Vanuatu, reports suggest that more than a quarter of a million people could now be homeless as a result of the cyclone and that up to 90% of structures have been destroyed or damaged. Thousands of people are now sheltering in evacuation centres in the provinces of Efate, Torba and Penama.

Many of the country’s essential services, including schools, hospitals and power, are in disarray and Vanuatu’s president Baldwin Lonsdale has said that the country is in ‘immediate need’ as the storm has ‘wiped out’ all development of recent years.

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