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Monday 20 April

The response has now finished in Malawi.

1,224 ShelterBoxes and 650 shelter kits have been distributed to families in total, along with tarpaulins and extra solar lights, giving people emergency shelter and the tools to rebuild homes and other buildings after the flood.

Thursday 16 April

Our ShelterBox response team in the district of Mulanje has been distributing aid to people who have been sheltering in overcrowded emergency camps.

Our teams have now provided aid to more than 1,400 families throughout the districts of Chikwawa, Zomba and Mulanje.

Tuesday 7 April

Almost three months after ShelterBox started working in Malawi, the teams are still finding remote communities that are in desperate need of aid.

ShelterBox response team member Andre Bloemink (CAN) describes his team's experience of delivering aid in the district of Zomba, where they found that many of the people worst affected are those that are the most vulnerable.

So far, more than 1,000 ShelterBoxes have been distributed in all.

Monday 30 March

The ShelterBox response volunteers have now started distributing aid to the district of Mulanje, as well as Zomba and Chikwawa.

The various teams have now distributed 930 ShelterBoxes and are starting to provide families with shelter kits, which can be used to make temporary shelters and repair existing structures.

Wednesday 4 March

Despite flash floods, washed-away roads and broken bridges, our ShelterBox response team members have managed to deliver almost 400 ShelterBoxes to families in the districts of Zomba and Chikwawa so far.

Response team volunteer Liz Odell tells us more about the challenges they are facing.

Saturday 31 January

Our ShelterBox response team members have been assessing several areas in the south of Malawi, including the district of Chikwawa, where they have found a desperate need for clean and safe shelter.

Read more about the hidden dangers of the floods, including malaria and crocodile attacks.

Tuesday 20 January

A ShelterBox response team, made up of Johnny O'Shea (UK) and Sallie Buck (UK), are heading to Malawi to assess the need for shelter and possible access routes in the south of the country as it experiences some of the worst flooding in more than 40 years.

Read more about the current situation in Malawi.