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Monday 23 March

All 500 ShelterBoxes have now been distributed to families in rural areas of Gaza.

Monday 13 March

The second batch of 250 ShelterBoxes have now arrived in Gaza and will soon be distributed.

Wednesday 4 February

The first batch of 250 ShelterBoxes have arrived in Gaza and they are currently being distributed. A further 250 boxes will be transported from Cornwall soon.

Read more about the situation in Gaza and see pictures of the first tents to be put up.

Monday 12 January

During the 50 day war that took place in Gaza last summer, an estimated 100,000 homes were destroyed.  
Many families left Gaza’s cities and headed for the relative safety of rural areas, which then triggered the need for accommodation and emergency shelter. 
After months of negotiations, ShelterBox is now able to send 500 boxes to the territory and the first batch of 250 are leaving Cornwall today.
Read more here.