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The Rotary Youth Exchange Challenge is a fantastic opportunity for young people to immerse themselves in another culture, make lifelong friends and develop a deeper understanding of our world and global community.

If you’ve embarked on this incredible program, you’ve begun a life changing journey which you will remember forever.

As a Global Rotary Club Project, ShelterBox are thrilled to be involved with this amazing program. We’ve provided disaster relief aid for people affected by disasters in countries all over the world and our experiences have made us fully recognise the benefits of discovering and understanding other cultures.


ShelterBox’s Youth Exchange Challenge is an exciting opportunity for participants of the program to develop their skills in several areas (including public speaking), support a Global Rotary Club Project and make a real difference to communities across the globe who have lost everything.

To be awarded your pin badge, you just need to complete two simple challenges:

Spread the word: Give a presentation on ShelterBox. This could be to your host Rotary Club, a school, or a group such as Scouts
Fund a box: Fundraise for ShelterBox. Any amount will help contribute to a ShelterBox that will protect a family desperately in need.


By supporting ShelterBox as part of your exchange program, you will be helping us provide shelter, warmth and dignity to families across the world who have been made homeless by disaster.

The donations that we receive from young people embarking on this adventure will fund ShelterBoxes full of our disaster relief aid.

Each donation we receive is allocated to a specific box which is individually numbered. This means that our supporters can trace their donation and discover where their contribution is helping a family, who otherwise, may have had nothing.

All donations that we receive through this project will be allocated to the 'Rotary Youth Exchange ShelterBox Challenge’. This will create a pool of boxes which everyone taking part in the scheme can trace!

Regularly we’ll email everyone who we know is taking part, as well as the Rotary coordinators, and they can discover where their boxes have gone and how they’re making a huge difference.


Taking part in these challenges will enable you to discover more about ShelterBox and hopefully the culture you are visiting.

You can also be sure that your involvement will benefit a family somewhere in the world and you, along with other young people participating, will be able to find out exactly where your contribution is helping others.

ShelterBox would like to thank everyone for taking part in this amazing initiative which is of benefit to Rotary International, ShelterBox, Young People and families affected by disasters.

Click on the image below to download all the information in a pdf document.


challenge 1: spreading the word!

To help people around the world, ShelterBox need to make people aware of who we are, what we do and why our work is not only important, but necessary.

Why not help us do this?

As a Rotary Youth Exchange student, you will have great skills to inspire your host community and create awareness for this project.

Whether it’s to a Rotary Club, School, Scout group or another organisation, get out there and encourage people to get involved!

We have a downloadable speakers’ resource handbook which provides all the information you need to talk about ShelterBox in an accurate, confident and effective way.

Challenge 2: Fund a Box!
Every donation we receive, large and small, will be invaluable to a family who have lost everything.

Whatever you do, every penny counts - making a difference, couldn’t be easier!

You will soon be able to access other useful materials from the multi-lingual resources section of our website.

After you’ve raised your funds, you can pay in your donation to ShelterBox in your host country - see list on homepage of to find the contact details of the different ShelterBox affiliates in the world.

Or if you prefer you can pay it in via our donations page.