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ShelterBox relies entirely on donations to make our work possible. About half of our funds comes direct from the UK public, the rest is raised by our international affiliates.  

When you make a donation you can choose how you would like your money to be used. You can choose from the following options:

 •  Wherever my money is needed most - Our experience of working with people in emergency situations around the world means we can allocate our resources in the most effective way possible, ensuring your donation will be used wherever the need is greatest.

•  ShelterBox Disaster Fund - We never know when or where the next disaster will strike.  The ShelterBox Disaster Fund allows us to invest in supplies and pre-position equipment; train our global network of volunteer ShelterBox Response Teams; increase our capacity to store and distribute ShelterBoxes; and continue to develop our specialist equipment and deliver the best possible aid package.

•  Sponsor a box - Every ShelterBox has its own unique number. By sponsoring a box directly you’ll be able to find out where in the world your box has been sent.

Donors can track this information here

When disaster strikes, ShelterBox aims to get aid to the affected areas as fast as possible. That means we cannot wait for donations to come in but have to draw immediately on existing resources. We realise people sometimes hear about a disaster in the news and want their donation to go to that particular destination but by then our ShelterBoxes are often already on the way.

This means money raised following one disaster generally ends up being used to replenish stock ready for the next emergency – which could be in a completely different part of the world (we also respond to many major events that never make the headlines but are just as big a disaster for those affected).

ShelterBox has no political or religious affiliation. Our priority is to deliver shelter to the most needy following a disaster.

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Help us reach our goal of getting emergency shelter to 500,000 people every year by making a donation today.

Each ShelterBox costs just $1,500 which includes delivery to those who need it. As we benefit from the support of hundreds of volunteers who help us to raise funds, pack boxes and deliver aid on the ground we are able to ensure that at least 90% of every donation goes straight into the box.